The Investors Education Club meetings cover a wide range of topics, from basic strategies to build your wealth to technical stock market issues.

We recognize that not every meeting is designed for every member. Presentations are done by knowledgeable Villagers who volunteer their time and enthusiasm; and occasionally by financial industry representatives for educational purposes only.

Meetings are open to all Villages residents (homeowners and guests) and no registration is required. Recreation Department staff will ask to see your valid Villages ID at the door.

The club does not invest nor does it offer individual investment advice or referrals.


There is no official membership nor are there dues; however, a voluntary contribution of $1 per year is requested to offset miscellaneous expenses

Mailing List

Everyone is encouraged to join the club’s email service. Once on our mailing list, you will receive an email announcing the next meeting’s presentation and, if possible, the skill level the meeting will be addressing.

Click here to join our email service and then click on the Apply to join this group button at the bottom of the popup. Optional: If you have a Google profile and want to link to that, it is your option to do so on the popup.

Robert Paluszak
Robert Paluszak, President
3:00 PM -- 4:30 PM, DEFENDERS RM.
(2384 Buena Vista Blvd.) 

If you have any questions about the Mailing List or the club, please send an email to ​