Residents... will provide residents with a gateway to current information from registered athletic, recreational and social clubs.  Future resident features will include the ability to create your own list of "favorites" for easy access to your clubs' websites; personalized calendars of meetings based on your club and activity selections; and a bulletin board where you can share information with other club members.

Clubs... will provide a place for registered athletic, recreational and social clubs to post meeting schedules, details about upcoming events and pertinent contact information.  The Basic Club Page will contain such public information as meeting schedules and contact information.  The Extended Club Page will provide additional room for club-generated information and exchanges of information between the officers and members.  No club will be considered too small; no organizer or officer should consider him/herself too electronically challenged to participate. will provide a free consultation to every group.  Clubs wishing to use for complex information exchanges or that would benefit from member-only accessible pages are welcome to submit their ideas for consideration; nominal charges may be appropriate to help design and create web pages and to host and maintain such areas.  Clubs with existing websites are welcome to submit a link to their site on their Basic Club Page. 

The future... will be a dynamic website that will grow through the activity and input of the people it will serve.  The possibilities are many, from automated email notices of upcoming meetings or club activities to electronic member surveys soliciting feedback about past or future club activities. 

What's NEW?

Innovative website released to provide Villagers with an easy way to manage their club meetings and activities.

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    IN THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA has been created by Villagers, for Villagers.  It is our mission to provide a single source for electronic access about recreational events to foster the spirit of community for which The Villages is so well known.
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